Photo 20 Oct Requested based on this fanfic request.

Requested based on this fanfic request.

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He was the one that she had loved. She had thought that he had loved her as well. Perhaps for him he did, at least in some way. Perhaps it was because he believed he had to. It had pained her to break it off, but she had wanted more than he was willing to give. At least to her. In hindsight she had to wonder if the other had never shown up if they would still be together this day. When they had first been together Spock had looked at her with that look. That intense look of his that let her know that he wanted her. Then he showed up.

Now that she had thought about it, once Kirk arrived she didn’t get that look from Spock as much. Uhura sipped her drink as she tried to recall when she things shifted. She couldn’t even remember anymore. It seemed so long ago. She looked over her shoulder at the two of them across the room. They were playing chess, as usual. But there it was, that intense look that used to only be reserved for her. But now belonged to Kirk. She shifted in her seat to better observe them. A touch here, a look there. How long had it been like this? How could she have missed it? It should have dawned on her when Spock had just let her go. Now she was beginning to see why. His heart belonged to someone else. When had that happened? How had that happened?

She let out a shaky breath and turned back to the bartender to motion for another. Any thoughts of trying to reconcile had flown out the airlock. There was nothing there to save, he’d moved on. Hell, he’d moved on before they were ever even over. How could she have missed that? How could she have not known? Did anyone else see what she was now so clearly seeing? Or had they always seen it and couldn’t bring themselves to tell her? These were questions that would plague her for sometime to come. With a sigh she got up from the bar and made her way to the door. She looked in their direction one more time. Spock never looked up, but Kirk had. She didn’t notice him at first, her attention focused on Spock. She gave him a silent and sad salute. A final farewell. Kirk caught her eye and gave her an apologetic look. He moved to get up, he had to say something, right? He did steal her boyfriend out from under her, though it wasn’t intentional.

Uhura shook her head at him. She understood, or at least she thought she did. Before the tears could fall she headed out the door and too her room. She would survive this. She always did.

by Cypherrae of Enterprise RPG

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Uhura ❤️


Uhura ❤️

via kayla..
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orion-empress said: hi so i'm not sure if it was you i sent this request to but it was months ago so anyway, i was wondering if you could make one of the softer world things with Spock and Amanda and the text "on days like this i would just disappear if it werent for you and your love like nails in my feet" because i have this headcanon where Spock often came very close to running away from home when he was a teenager and only stayed for Amanda

It wasn’t to us, but we love headcanon. Please stay tuned for future posts.

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